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Black Hand-woven Seagrass Convertible Belly Basket - Small

Black Hand-woven Seagrass Convertible Belly Basket - Small

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  • Handmade with Love: Each basket is individually hand woven with love by Vietnamese Artisans from 100% Sustain-ably Grown Seagrass.
  • Convertible: Carry them around with their handles, or fold them down and use them as Bowl Style Baskets. Comes with leather handles
  • Multipurpose: Everyday Use, Decorative, Creative Storage, Picnic Basket, Grocery Baskets, Beach Bag, Plant Pot Covers, Dry Linens Basket, Toy Organizer, and so much more.
  • Lightweight: Yet very Tough and Durable, and can a surprising amount of weight.
  • Free Gift : Colorful and Vibrant Pom Pom Bag Charm to make your basket stand out even more.
  • Small size: Diameter 22cm/8.3inches, Height 27cm/10.6inches (37cm/14.5inches including handles). *May have slight variations in size as this is a handmade product.*

A perfect addition to your household and for everyday use.


What is Seagrass?

Seagrass has been used by humans for over 10,000 years. They've been used to fertilize fields, insulate houses, weave furniture, thatch roofs, make bandages, and fill mattresses. But it's what they do in their native habitat that has the biggest benefits for humans and the ocean. Seagrass supports commercial fisheries and biodiversity, clean the surrounding water and help take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.

The Seagrass that we use for our baskets is 100% sustain-ably grown specifically for basket weaving and we strictly never use wild grown seagrass which are environmentally vital.

Handwoven with Love

Our baskets are all individually Hand-woven by skilled artisans in Vietnam. Each basket is unique in its own special way.

Collapse and Convert

Carry them around with their handles, or just fold them down and use them as Bowl Style Baskets.

Variety of Uses

Everyday Use
Creative Storage
Picnic Basket
Grocery Baskets
Beach Bag
Plant Pot Covers
Dry Linens Basket
Toy Organizer
and so much more

    How To Care For Your Baskets

    Keep your basket dry
    Wipe with a damp cloth
    Keep away from grease
    Keep away from heat sources
    Maintain intended use for baskets
    Incorrect loading may distort your basket